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  1. Google Catalogs Design Tips: How to Best Showcase Your Products

    Google Catalogs has guidelines regarding the catalog PDF file. Publishers can’t upload the same PDF file to Google Catalogs that they send to the printing press. The Google Catalogs dashboard gives publishers the option of uploading a PDF file with...

  2. Top 5 Micro-Conversions You Should Measure

    Whether you serve white papers in PDF format, client forms that need to be filled out before an in-person meeting or office visit, or you have a software demo available for download, file downloads are a micro-conversion that must be measured.

  3. In Google We Trust (Your Identity)

    That was until I ran across the precursor documentation pages 190-191 ( in the PDF) Who Goes There? And if you say it has nothing to do with you, I am sure that is true – oh wait - you have paid for all those downloads in your music files right?

  4. Your Facebook Data File: Everything You Never Wanted Anyone to Know

    Schrems described the file obtained through a legal request as a 500MB PDF including data the user thought they had deleted. The one sent through a regular Facebook request was a 150MB HTML file and included video (the PDF did not) but did not have...

  5. White House Ticks Off Deputy CTO As Ex-Googler Bypasses Privacy Rules

    The full content of the exchanges can be found in PDF files here: pdf1, pdf2 and pdf3. In the slew of privacy issues floating around, there's also the case of the White House reprimanding its Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Andrew McLaughlin, for...

  6. Search Medica - The GPs Search Engine

    Results are drawn from web pages, .pdf files and full text journal articles. Search Medica is a search engine that has been specifically designed for GPs (General Practitioners or Doctors) to use. Pulse, a UK weekly news magazine for doctors...