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  1. Google Faces New Mobile Search Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit

    District Court for the Northern District of California, these agreements were hidden and marked to be viewed only by attorneys, and it alleged that Google is in violation of a variety of federal and state antitrust laws, including the Sherman Act...

  2. Yelp: Court Ruling on Anonymous Customer Reviews 'Could Have a Chilling Effect on Free Speech'

    This ruling also shows the need for strong state and federal legislation to prevent meritless lawsuits aimed solely at stifling free speech. A U.S.court has ordered local business review website Yelp to reveal the names of seven of its anonymous...

  3. Google Boldly Rejects UK Privacy Laws in Safari Snooping Case

    Federal Trade Commission. According to a statement released by the firm, Google has filed court papers that say it will "contest the right of Safari users in the UK to bring a case in the country they live in and where they use Google's service.

  4. Google Not Responsible for Content of Paid Search Ads, Australian Court Rules

    The Australian High Court’s ruling overturns a Federal Court ruling from last April, which found Google guilty of engaging in misleading and deceptive conduct in four cases between 2005 and 2008 – based on a prior court decision that found a...

  5. Google’s Rosetta Stone AdWords Woes Continue as Case Reopened

    Rosetta Stone’s trademark infringement lawsuit against Google, first filed in 2009 and dismissed by a Virginia court in August 2010, has been revived by a federal appeals court. The appeals court ruling will be one to watch.

  6. Google Engages in Misleading, Deceptive Conduct with AdWords: Australian Court

    Still, said a Google spokesperson in a statement to World News Australia, "We are disappointed by the Federal Court's decision that Google should be responsible for the content of four particular ads on its platform.

  7. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Working With White House on Do No Track Browsing

    Meanwhile, a lawsuit was filed in federal court in Delaware against Google because “Google’s willful and knowing actions violated” federal wiretapping laws and other computer-related statutes by bypassing Safari's privacy settings, attorneys for...

  8. EU Asks Advertisers: Does Google Manipulate Its Search Results?

    The only reasons I know of to go in and change [search rankings] manually is for security, a court order or spam," said Google's Matt Cutts, who was in Washington, D.C.this week to speak against federal regulation of search results (which a recent...

  9. Consumer Watchdog Believes Google 'WiSpy' Potentially Logged Homeland Security Data

    Another limbo element is the government asking Google (and Facebook for that matter) to submit comments on a federal privacy legislation draft introduced in early May although the search giant is notorious for its privacy breaches.

  10. SearchDay | Will Social Networks Become the New Inbox?

    Microsoft, Google and Apple Being Sued Over Icon Navigation Posted by Frank Watson Dec 26, 2008 A lawsuit was filed in Arizona Federal court against Microsoft, Google and Apple by Cygnus Systems, Inc.over use of their just granted patent for...

  11. Google to Viacom: Don't Turn YouTube into SueTube

    Google said YouTube was faithful to the requirements of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, saying the federal law was intended to protect companies like YouTube as long as they responded properly to content owners' claims of infringement.