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  1. 5 Googley SEO Terms – Do They Mean What You Think They Mean?

    According to their original patent (US 8015162 B2), detecting duplicate and near-duplicate files detecting duplicate content started by utilizing two algorithms (Broder and Charikar) that worked by identifying document fingerprints, a method...

  2. SEO Diagnostics: Urgent & Preventive Care

    So when search engines start crawling the pages you want everything to line up, from the links in your navigation, to internal links, external backlinks, canonical tags, XML files, etc. Another thing you can do to help your crawl efficiency is to...

  3. Google Catalogs Design Tips: How to Best Showcase Your Products

    When you get ready to edit your real catalog, you can import the shape files. Blank pages will have to be removed from the print catalog file. Publishers can’t upload the same PDF file to Google Catalogs that they send to the printing press.