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Fight Club

  1. As Twitter Hits New Milestone, CEO Talks Google, Search, Apple, IPO, Privacy

    It’s like the first rule of 'Fight Club', but real,” he said. Twitter is now hosting 250 million tweets per day, up from 230 million just a month ago. He is hopeful about their Apple partnership, while talks with Google about a renewed deal to show...

  2. The Revenue Stream: or, "You gonna pay for that porn, boy?"

    A few weeks ago, my friend Mickey said (via twitter) 'wish LL would just drop banner ad on mismatch & eharm advertising virtual dating, sex & club med resorts - problem solved! Besides, all it would take was one jackass with a grudge (and I don't...

  3. Need Sitelinks? Show Google Your Site Is Useful

    Today, we'll explore some of the things Web site owners can do to affect changes to their selection of sitelinks, rather than stewing over how random sites are given sitelinks for terms like "auto insurance" and "fitness club.

  4. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 29, 2005: Rev Up Your Shopping Searches, TiVo's Ad Search, ex-Googlers Blogging Away, Headhunting For Search Tech And Search Marketing Talent, An Ant Species Named After Google

    Yahoo Talking About Sponsorship of Manchester United Football Club Today's search podcast covers shopping search engines, TiVo planning an ad search feature, ex-Googlers blogging about their glory days, the fight for search tech and search...