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  1. 5 Key Takeaways From a Successful Social Media Campaign Built on Human Connection

    Scientific studies on gratitude suggest that employee participation in the gratitude campaign promotes positive feelings and well-being, an added benefit for TD Canada. Face-to-face transactions are replaced with digital transactions that require...

  2. You'll Laugh, Then Cry When You See the Simple Trick This Single Mom Uses to Beat Enterprise SEOs

    Making content that satisfies real needs of customers, especially those who are likely to stick around for a long time, associates your brand with helpful content and positive feelings – both of which will help later on in the purchase funnel.

  3. What 'Quick Win' Metric Can You Identify & Measure For Your Prospects?

    Focusing on Good Feelings Feelings are like our bodies' temperature sensors, in that they're more sensitive to changes than absolutes. And the rush of good feelings that goes along with it. They offer 10-day meal plans, called Jumpstarts, to...

  4. 2 Specific Strategies to Build Trust With Extra Cautious Prospects

    Their dominant feelings were fear and uncertainty, two emotions that generally lead to paralysis, not action. Despite having a comprehensive website, chock-filled with valuable information, one law firm found itself suffering from an opt-in rate...

  5. Ripoff Report Launches Verified, a New Program to Shield Businesses From Negative Reviews

    I have mixed feelings about this program. Just to be clear, I still have mixed feelings whether businesses should engage in the verified program, so I am going to list a summary of the pros and cons and leave it up to you to decide:

  6. How to Report Organic Search Traffic Gains After Filtering 'Bad' Traffic

    We needed to get to a point where we were making intelligent business decisions based upon "factual" information, rather than feelings. There were certainly feelings that "SEO didn't work" or "we're penalized in AdWords", but it was all "feelings".

  7. Google Penguin 2013: How to Evolve Link Building into Real SEO

    As small business owners move through the here we go again feelings to actually decide what to do in response to Penguin 2013, sorting out the truth is paramount. Google has just rolled out Penguin 2.0, a large algorithmic update promising to go...

  8. As Digital Ad Effectiveness Measurement Improves, Are Branding Ad Dollars Ready to Follow?

    These metrics are very useful in showing changes in how consumers’ thoughts, feelings and emotions toward a brand, and they often correlate with lifts in in-market sales. It’s very easy to get caught up in the process when, in the end, all anyone...

  9. Psst, Microsoft! Bashing Competitors Isn’t a Marketing Strategy

    We like people who we associate with good, positive feelings and we dislike people who we associate with negative feelings. If you want your brand to be not only remembered, but liked, you need to work the creation of these feelings into every day...