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  1. Conference Agenda Posted for SES London 2011

    What happens if you syndicate content through RSS and feeds? Learn why subtle, "suggestive marketing" works best on Twitter -- and how to automate that effectively, too. Introduction to Search Engine Marketing -- This session will provide a clear...

  2. Optimize Your Brand for Sharing and Social Search in 11 Steps

    With the advent of social feeds -- a live stream of friends' activity shared on social networks like Facebook and Twitter -- consumers can more easily rely on trusted personal relationships to determine what's worthwhile to read, watch, play and...

  3. Top Stories at SES Chicago 2009 on Day 1

    Let's just say it was taken during the "SEO Through Blogs & Feeds" session, when Daron Babin, CEO of Webmaster Radio, show a JibJab video of the panel as chippendale dancers. Is that Mark Jackson, SEW Expert and President and CEO of VIZION...

  4. Yahoo's New Era

    Search helps define user intent: Defining user intent feeds many other aspects of media. Don't miss the definitive event for U.K.and European marketers, corporate decision makers, webmasters and search marketing specialists!

  5. Video, Blogs and Twitter Top Trends at PubCon

    I spoke at PubCon last week -- about How SMBs Can Use PR Campaigns To Grow Traffic and Alternative Discovery and SEO - Feeds, PDFs, and Blog SEO. If you want a second opinion, sign up for tomorrow's free webinar: "Consumers and the Influence of...

  6. SEO covered at PRSA International Conference in Detroit

    And in December, Lee and Sally Falkow, the President of PRESSfeed, will be speaking about "SEO Through Blogs and Feeds" at SES Chicago 2008. Lee, as most of us in the search industry know, is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.

  7. SearchDay | Keep Your Ideas Simple and Increase Conversions

    Rebecca had moderated the SEO Through Blogs & Feeds session and Chris was one of the speakers on the . Keep Your Ideas Simple and Increase Conversions BY THE NUMBERS Good ideas are often simple ones, and this rule applies to online marketing as well.