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  1. Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

    It certainly helps them harvest the data upon which their advertising juggernaut feeds. It provides the ROI justification on paper, but it's not the primary purpose. But come on.if Google Analytics can give you all the information on a signed-out...

  2. Facebook Launches Premium, Mobile Ads; Offers; Real-Time Page Insights

    From there, they will show up in users' news feeds if they have liked the brand, as well as in the news feeds of their Facebook friends. And mobile advertising has finally come to the eight-year-old digital giant, as a premium ad buy also renders...

  3. Social Media Marketing 101, Part 2

    To start the conversation mining process, you should subscribe to RSS feeds of news alerts related to your company and brands on Google News, as well as saved searches on Technorati. Where possible, subscribe to RSS feeds from these sites, so that...

  4. The Best of Outsourced: 10 Greatest Hits

    Mobile changes the level of specificity of search, and local feeds need to reflect such interests. Universal Thoughts on Local Search" covered the importance of maintaining strong local feeds for brick-and-mortar locations in universal search results.

  5. Of Local Search, Love Meters, and Raking Leaves

    As Krillion's data drills down to product feeds at 40,000 individual retail locations (Home Depot, Target, Wal-Mart), these listings will promote in-stock merchandise at the closest stores. As argued last month, local search's measurability and...

  6. It's “Horses for Courses” at SES London 2009

    SEO Through Blogs & Feeds: Not yet running a blog? Not syndicating your content through web feeds? Measurable, quantifiable strategies which have a defined ROI will win, as managers will only invest in activities they can measure.

  7. Convincing the Executive Team to Invest in SEO

    Read Industry News – Subscribe to search newsletters or RSS feeds such as SEW Experts, SearchDay, or ClickZ Experts. You can start with a paid search campaign for instant results, proving the basic concept that search drives traffic and ROI.