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  1. Google Desktop Search 2 Offers New Sidebar Widgets, Outlook Integration & More

    How something makes the "hot" box is unknown but Google did tell us that presently material comes from blog/RSS engines Technorati and DayPop. Now in beta, Google Desktop Search 2 offers features such as integration with Outlook, indexing of email...

  2. Google Launches Official Google Blog, Not Blog Search

    Unfortunately, the results aren't as good as you'll find using a dedicated feed search engine such as Daypop, Feedster or Technorati. For more blog and feed search engines, see the RSS News Feeds & Blog Search Engines section of Search Engine Watch.

  3. Behind the Scenes at the Daypop Search Engine, Part Three

    This concludes a three part interview with Dan Chan, founder and sole proprietor of Daypop, a specialized search engine focusing on weblog and news content (part one, part two). Since Daypop is a full-text search engine and not just a search that...

  4. Google Gets Bigger, Fresher, Offers Better News

    There are also a variety of good, new news search sites such as Daypop and RocketNews available, in addition to established ones such as Moreover. Hopefully, one of those enhancements will be the ability to do keyword searching against the Google...