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Federal Reserve System

  1. Deadline looms for Isda group on resolution protocol

    The Bank of England, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Federal Reserve Board all declined to comment for this story. Things are more complex in US bankruptcy proceedings, however, since neither the US bankruptcy code nor the...

  2. US regulatory reform reaches tipping point

    The language was considerably diluted, however, compared with the original proposals, which would have barred big derivatives dealers or users from receiving any form of federal assistance – including access to the Federal Reserve’s common-or...

  3. Are the CFTC, SEC and Fed equipped for their new powers?

    Additionally, if institutions have higher capital levels than previously, they may be able to prevent a major problem from developing,” says Randall Kroszner, professor of economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a...

  4.'s Top Questions of 2009: Refreshing, Existential and Disturbing

    Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank? How long does marijuana stay in your system? So, it makes sense that their end-of-the-year list features questions instead of keywords. The questions are a refreshing departure from the usual fare seen on the end...

  5. A model approach

    The report - backed by the French Banking Commission, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, the Swiss Federal Banking Commission, the UK's Financial Supervisory Authority and the board of governors of the US's Federal Reserve System...

  6. Regulatory failures highlighted in Tarp Panel report

    Echoing earlier proposals, the report recommends any future regulation should include better oversight of systemic risk, with one panel member advocating that the Federal Reserve take over the role of systemic regulator.

  7. New legislation attempts to regulate hedge funds

    Senator Christopher Dodd, head of the Senate banking committee, is planning a sweeping round of hearings in February that will focus on the need to more tightly regulate the financial markets and will feature testimonies from Treasury secretary...

  8. Looking to beat the backlog

    The risks posed by outstanding confirmations have already been highlighted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, among others, and has been tackled to some degree by dealers. The following targets were agreed by 18 major equity derivatives...

  9. The redundant trader

    Similarly, news flow is much heavier around market opening time in London and New York or around announcements by the US Federal Reserve. For example, if a terrorist attack were to occur, the AlphaSimplex system would pick the event up by...

  10. A model model?

    Kabir Dutta, a Boston-based principal at consulting firm CRA International and a former senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, is suspicious of the drive to make models more forward-looking, arguing that this is potentially just a...

  11. US reforms mean more bailouts and centralised power

    The reform proposals also deal with the recent decision - presented at the time as an emergency measure - to provide Federal Reserve support to securities brokers, despite the fact that its regulatory authority is limited to depository banks.

  12. US regulators turn their attention to negative equity

    Meanwhile, loan modifications for subprime Arms facing resets this year have become a less pressing problem due to the Federal Reserve's rate cuts over recent months. Under the OTS plan, borrowers would be able to refinance into Federal Housing...

  13. Search and the Law: Attorney Deborah Wilcox

    Wilcox received her JD with distinction from the University of Wisconsin, and has served as an adjunct professor at Case Western Reserve University Law School, teaching Trademarks. How did the federal government get to be involved in the issue?