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Fed Funds Rate

  1. Are the CFTC, SEC and Fed equipped for their new powers?

    The securities regulator will have several new responsibilities under the new legislative regime, including registering, monitoring and periodically inspecting all investment advisers to private equity and hedge funds with more than $150 million...

  2. S&P launches first real-time currency indexes

    The total return version of the index includes interest accrual on the notional value of the index based on the overnight US Fed Funds rate. On any date, the index is calculated by valuing the three-month forward contact entered into at the prior...

  3. Every Picture Tells a Story: Non-text Contextual Ads

    The "Fed Funds Rate Dropped.message is not particularly strong, but it becomes clear pretty quickly that there's a strong possible benefit. Using non-text contextual ads, AdWords advertisers can run multiple ad media/formats: static banners...

  4. Profiting from divergence

    By the end of the year, the spread between the Fed funds rate and Libor was 45bp. Banks cannot structure products directly referenced to the Fed funds rate, as there's no way for dealers to hedge directly.

  5. Putnam Investments - A specialist approach

    We've been raising fixed-income assets across the globe in Australia, Europe, Canada, Singapore, the Middle East, the US and most recently in the UK, where pension funds have done asset-liability hedging with interest rate swaps," says Bloemker.

  6. A little protection

    In the US, people speculate on stocks and they own funds, and they think of their principal-protected product as fixed income. That will not be flavour of the month at the moment," he says, adding that investors who are interested in high risk will...

  7. Column – Nigel Rendell

    This will prompt the Fed into further action and we expect the key funds rate to be cut by another 100bp over the next couple of months to a low of 2%. A substantial, yet possibly diminishing, source of support for emerging market assets will be...

  8. Pimco's head of MBS sees upside in illiquid markets

    The funds that Simon manages at Pimco have achieved returns above market benchmarks during the past year, despite turbulence. On the broader economy, he expects housing to be a drag on economic growth, forcing further rate cuts from the US Federal...

  9. The Month in Review

    Troubles in the monoline sector showed signs of abating as Moody's and Standard & Poor's (S&P) reconfirmed the triple-A ratings for bond insurer MBIA, while S&P also confirmed its top rating for Ambac, which is in talks with banks to inject fresh...

  10. Market graphic - European high-yield default rate

    We continue to believe that healthy corporate balance sheets, foreign demand, an aggressively low fed funds rate environment and the fiscal stimulus package could offset the drags from tighter credit, rising energy prices, falling consumer...