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  1. Mobile Ad Spend Up 5% on Google; Marin Gives Tips for Mobile PPC Success

    For example, an ad for a pair of shoes I'm looking at brings me to a mobile-optimized page featuring the shoes and a way to buy them, rather than pointing me to a more generic page where I have to look around for the shoes I want, and then figure...

  2. Today's Newspapers Around the World

    Click a thumbnail and a popup window opens with a 560 X 800 rendition of the page. Several different pricing plans, depending on how many titles you wish to access, the number of bookmarks you're allowed to set, and the number of back issues...

  3. Researching Search Terms With WordTracker

    It uses the share of web searches that Dogpile is estimated to generate each day as a basis of coming up with the total number of searches conducted on the web and then thus the predicted amount of searches any particular term should generate.