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  1. Stop! Before You Fire Anyone, Try These Proven Tips for Handling Difficult SEO Clients

    Usually, the problems all boil down to just two issues: a lack of trust creating fear and uncertainty and a lack of understanding that may give rise to misaligned expectations and anger. Here, it’s clear that fear is sullying your relationship.

  2. Liquidity concerns still haunt Ficc

    Market participants increasingly fear liquidity drought Market participants are growing increasingly concerned about liquidity conditions in fixed-income, currencies and commodities (Ficc), with US Treasuries and corporate bonds seen as most at...

  3. Dealers fret over NSFR impact on equities

    Banks fear that a number of standard equity markets practices – ranging from futures hedging to short selling and IPO underwriting – will be hurt by the final version of new international liquidity rules published last week by the Basel Committee...

  4. New frontloading flap over €8bn clearing threshold

    But winning round the EC – long seen as the main proponent of frontloading – may prove more difficult, some fear. Some fear this may not come quickly enough for clients subject to the rates clearing mandate, however.

  5. US bilateral margin rules: a hit parade of horrors

    There's no process in place for that to be agreed across jurisdictions, and our biggest fear is we get to the first or second quarter of next year and there's still nothing in place to sort that out. Rules requiring margin to be exchanged on non...

  6. Conflict of interest: banks call for unity on Eonia

    Traders fear swap market will be split by 0% floor disputes Three different banks, three different answers: yes, says one senior rates trader, his bank will be paying. No, says one markets head, the bank's lawyers are very clear on the matter – no...

  7. Financial entity definition worries US utilities

    US utilities fear being saddled with additional regulatory requirements due to their subsidiaries being classified as 'financial entities' under the US Dodd-Frank Act, even though those subsidiaries are primarily focused on physical activities.

  8. 14 Ultimate Link-Building Guidelines to Keep Safe in 2014

    If instead you can provide something that no one has ever done before, and lose the fear of failure - the potential rewards are much bigger at the end. Is there such a thing? That’s a question most SEOs, marketers, and business owners have been...

  9. Google Responds to 'Right to Be Forgotten' Questionnaire

    Have no fear: Google clearly says it removes links from search results only in European versions of Google. In its opening letter, Google notes it moved quickly to comply with the ruling and acknowledges its approach will evolve over time as it...