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Fantasy Football

  1. Super Bowl Stat Time: Wolfram|Alpha Offers Stats Guide for Football Junkies

    Wolfram|Alpha teamed up with sports information provider STATS to offer the Guide to Pro Football Statistics, which could very well become a great resource for fantasy football players next season. New York Giants: This query will show the most...

  2. The Search Bachelor

    You know that couple where the guy still complains that he has to go see "He's Just Not That Into You" and watch Lifetime while she complains that they can't go out on Saturday night because he has his fantasy football draft?

  3. Christmas Gifts Ideas from Lycos Before Thanksgiving Day

    On the video game front, the massive multi-player game RuneScape (#1) scores big with web users for the fourth consecutive year as the most-searched video game of 2008, while Final Fantasy makes its first appearance on the list since 2005, with...

  4. You Can Observe a Lot by Watching the Lycos 50

    While searches spike every fall, driven by fantasy leagues and office pools, the NFL ranked #21 in The Lycos 50 during the week of the Search Engine Strategies conference (March 4th), as people continued searching through the results of the recent...