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Family Hurricane Katrina

  1. Will Google run a Super Bowl commercial in the third quarter?

    And anyone who had Hurricane Katrina devastate their region deserves the rest of the nation -- with the understandable exception of Indianapolis -- to tell them, "We've got your back. When asked for which activities, if any, they planned to log...

  2. Using Search to Find Missing Persons: Scratching the Surface

    But, search has an altruistic side as evidenced during Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, when many assisted people in searching for loved ones. Do you have any idea how difficult Christmas and New Year's are for me and the rest of my family?

  3. Lycos Kicks off the "Top Search Terms of the Year" Season

    Hurricane Katrina (-) Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Rita As expected it was Hurrican Katrina at #1 and the the term Tsunami at #2. Homer and family dethrone American Idol after search interest in Simon, Paula, and Randy's program dropped 63% in 2005.

  4. New Katrina Missing Persons Meta Search Site & Spidering Issues With Red Cross Site

    Katrina Search is another new service designed to let you meta search from a variety of web sites that have information about people missing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Search Katrina Missing Persons Sites from Lycos and Katrina: Search...