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  1. A Simple Test to Guide Every UX Design Decision

    This common design failure is borne from the false assumption that users know what they are doing. There's a simple test to determine if you actually need one of these elements. Just ask yourself how will that element improve the users' behavior or...

  2. 10 Outrageous Social Media Predictions for 2014

    Facebook has been toying with the Facebook phone idea for a while and its attempts have so far been a massive failure. I love it. I sit in a room with some colleagues and brainstorm on what we think will happen next year and then I go to my crystal...

  3. Racist YouTube Video Epicenter of Bizarre Advertising Contract Dispute

    DeBerry underscored his lack of remorse and failure to comprehend the inappropriate nature of his video when he tweeted the standard "I'm not racist" defense: It's an advertising campaign with all the subtlety and finesse of an intoxicated streaker...

  4. 8 Reasons Your Reconsideration Request Will Fail

    Sometimes absolutely no explanation is given as the reason for failure. Removing a manual unnatural links penalty can be extremely difficult. If you've gone through the process then you're likely familiar with the mixture of excitement and fear...

  5. Gamification in Marketing: Lessons from the Khan Academy Website

    The most common is feedback about the visitor’s success or failure in completing each field of the form. My children homeschooled and I was nervous about being their math teacher, until we discovered

  6. Converged Media in Marketing Starts With Breaking Down Silos

    But it's actually a failure to have separate social media programs, but not have social media integrated throughout the entire journalism program. Image Credit: Simon Heseltine Why do marketers still consider, digital and traditional marketing as...

  7. 7 Critical Web Redesign Considerations You Can't Overlook

    It needs to look great if it's going to convert your visitors into paying customers, but traffic, conversions, and functionality are what will ultimately govern its success or failure. Planning a website redesign can be an extremely exciting process.