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  1. Google: No Plans for Glass Facial Recognition Apps (At This Time)

    Google has told the world that it will not approve any facial recognition software for Glass until it's had time to have a good think about it. In the face of increasing complaints and worries the firm made a Google+ post in which it denied plans...

  2. Google’s Legalize Love Campaign Pressures Governments on Gay Rights

    Earlier this year, we enhanced our transgender-inclusive benefits to cover transitioning procedures and treatment in accordance with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) Standards of Care, which includes coverage for...

  3. Facebook Settles Privacy Lawsuit, Buys Facial Recognition Company

    Also just announced: Facebook has acquired facial recognition software company, for an undisclosed sum. However, groups in Europe and the United States have long-standing concerns over Facebook’s facial database.

  4. Ask's Top Question in 2011: Was Kim Kardashian's Wedding Fake?

    From Kim Kardashian’s fairy-tale-wedding-72-day-marriage-ugly-split whirlwind romance to Lady Gaga’s facial implants, here are the celebrity questions most on the minds of Americans this year: Each year here at Search Engine Watch, we wait with...

  5. Facebook and Google Execs Equally Suck at Social Media

    Used my patented facial recognition technology (my eyeballs) when identity was in doubt. These managers need to stand behind their product, he says, and Facebook’s management are “far more active on their public feeds than Google is on theirs.

  6. Real Names: Google+, Government & The Identity Ecosystem

    Why do these two need facial recognition software and real names for social media and search engine results? Add to this the fact that Facebook and Google have both purchased facial recognition software companies and you have a puzzling picture.

  7. Google Loves Lucy: Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday Celebrated with Google Logo

    Lucy’s creativity, absurdity, and ever-changing facial expressions (especially when she was scarfing down candy, stomping on grapes or touting a new energy drink) have brought joy and laughter to generations of viewers,” Google wrote in a blog post.

  8. Eggs and Baskets: How Second Life's Facebook Marketing Has Backfired

    Facebook has recently announced its intention to add facial recognition softwarefor photos. We've all heard that phrase, and it's true, quaint as it is (particularly when you handle a lot of eggs, like I do).

  9. Google Inside Search Event Recap: What's New in Mobile, Voice & Image Search

    Google stressed that facial recognition software wasn't included in this search, perhaps in light of the problems Facebook has recently had in this area. In addition to debuting new technology, Google also announced that some mobile features are...

  10. Privacy Regulators See Red Over Facebook Facial Recognition

    The long worked on facial recognition technology recently released by Facebook is coming under attack from European Union regulators questioning its intrusion in to users' privacy. The reality is that facial recognition is already here, and it's...