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Facebook Users Status Updates

  1. Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change Reduces Visibility of Page Updates

    So they increased the number of text status updates that appear on a user’s news feed, a change Facebook says that led to an average of 9 million more status updates by Facebook users each day. However, Facebook noticed that text status updates...

  2. Facebook Graph Search Now Lets You Search for Posts, Status Updates, Check-ins, Comments

    The new Graph Search now allows users to search for not just the usual people and places, but also to search posts, status updates, check-ins, and comments on Facebook. Facebook's Graph Search has been updated to allow people to search in greater...

  3. Facebook Working on Better Search, But Won’t Rival Google, Engineer Confirms

    As we’ve reported previously, the goal of the upgraded Facebook search engine is to make it easier for users to find shared or liked articles, videos, and status updates. Facebook is working to improve internal search for the social network.