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  1. Is Social Media Privacy an Oxymoron?

    Erik Qualman's international best-seller, "Socialnomics," is available for sale at all major bookstores. Facebook, like other social media tools, realizes that openness is king to be more useful to its users and (in the end) effectively monetize...

  2. Social Media Success Stories

    During Barack Obama's rise to the White House, he garnered 5 million fans on social media and 5.4 million clicked on an "I voted for Obama" Facebook button. Our Facebook & Twitter traffic skyrocketed as the story spread virally and people shared it...

  3. 3 Common Social Media Mistakes

    Almost every under-30-year-old uses Facebook every day, and hence they have an affinity to do a program with something they know. Even take a look at Facebook. Companies sometimes go for the latest "shiny object" because the younger personnel...

  4. Twelve Twitter Tools, Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Twoubles

    Qualman describes the future of search as a competition between the major search engines and the various new social media applications such as Twitter and Facebook. Mulligan also interviewed Eric Qualman, Global Vice President of Online Marketing...

  5. Social Media Insights from TripAdvisor CEO Steve Kaufer

    Erik Qualman: TripAdvisor has been highly successful and profitable and you were acquired by Expedia in 2004. Now that more and more people are sharing photos via Facebook, mobile, etc.this part of our reviews will only increase in value.

  6. Social Media Madness - The Final Four

    Facebook is the most-used photo-sharing platform in the world, having more activity than all other photo sites (Ofoto, Flickr, Snapfish, etc.combined. Facebook Connect allows users to use their Facebook login on various sites (e.g.

  7. Social Media Madness -- The Sweet 16, Part 2

    Facebook(1) vs. Is it Facebook? Please let me know who you think should win these matchups (via a comment below, e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook's Bracket Builder App), as it will be factored into the final decision.

  8. Guy Kawasaki and John Gerzema to Keynote at SES New York

    Erik Qualman wrote an article for Search Engine Watch entitled, "10 Ways Twitter Can Make Money. She wrote, "As Facebook evolves as a place for friends and family to connect, Twitter continues to penetrate the mainstream as a grassroots consumer...