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  1. Unruly's Second Opinion on Top 10 Social Video Trends for 2014

    SW: The Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl are great sporting spectacles in their own right and combined with the World Cup opportunity, the first half of 2014 is open season for brands in search of high-profile, massively high-reach conversations...

  2. The Multi-Platform Majority Has Arrived. Are You Ready?

    Given the rapid increase in adoption of other web-enabled devices, we should perhaps not be surprised to see that the profile of Internet usage has also changed dramatically. While they may have had luxury of efficiently planning out their night on...

  3. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    A verified Twitter profile is a way for Twitter to let its users know that the tweets coming from that account are authentic. Your bio can be 160 characters long and can be created or edited by going to your settings > profile page as shown below: