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  1. Google+ Blogger Integration, Circles in SERPs & Larry Page Steals Zuckerberg's Thunder

    Google CEO Larry Page has finally surpassed Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as the most often Circled person at Google+. Larry Page Steals Mark Zuckerberg’s Google+ Crown As of this writing, Page had 613,026 people who added him in Circles to Zuckerberg...

  2. Facebook’s Cookiegate: Controversial Tracking Cookie is Back

    At this point, the cat is out of the fact, the cat tore the bag to shreds, fingerpainted it, and Mark Zuckerberg is wearing it this year for Halloween. Instead, a careful reading of the portion of the application that purportedly describes...

  3. Eggs and Baskets: How Second Life's Facebook Marketing Has Backfired

    Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has been open and staunch about his views on personal privacy. What Zuckerberg really has done is create the world's largest storehouse of marketing data that has ever existed, because Facebook tracks EVERYTHING.

  4. News Picks: More Instant Fallout, for Sale, Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn All See Growth

    Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Will Not Go Public Anytime Soon - TechCrunch Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg recently used Facebook Questions to weigh in on the ETA for a possible Facebook IPO. Google has just updated its Platform Versions chart which...

  5. Facebook Places Banks On Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Booyah Steam

    The feature will "visible to the world in the web tomorrow," CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the conference announcing the new feature at the company's headquarters in Palo Alto yesterday. Facebook did not give an indication of the time scale for...

  6. News Picks: Starbucks Big On Facebook, EarlyBird & Disney, Facebook Ownership Lawsuit

    This is also about an alleged deal involving Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. InsideFacebook, which keeps statistics on Starbucks on the social platform, said the chain's page is consistently one of the top 20 fast growing ones.