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  1. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    The screenshot shows how you use the @ sign and what you will see on your profile and your friend's profile: mentions or @ Connect A friend of mine asked us all to use a certain hashtag for his wedding photos and tweets about his wedding, whereas...

  2. Holy Google+ Hangout Features Dalai Lama, Archbishop Tutu

    Tutu, a South African activist and retired Anglican bishop famous for his leadership through human rights and relevant causes, was apparently furious over the matter, his anger directed towards the South African government for denying his longtime...

  3. Let's Hope Game Developers Make Console Gaming REALLY Social

    The access to the Facebook API will allow games to push information to your profile and also pull information from it, like images and your friend list, into the game. Those who own a Playstation 3 will already know that they can now connect their...

  4. 9 Reasons Why it Might Be Time For Marketers to Value Virtual Goods

    Rich-data, in turn, is going to enable web services to maintain user identities across platforms, but more importantly across social networks and services, meaning users will be able to take their personal data and connect with their real life...

  5. SearchDay | Setting up PPC Campaigns 101

    Facebook Connect Now Available for iPhone Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 17, 2009 Facebook Connect is a web development tool that helps sites add social networking (similar to Google Friend Connect). Now, Facebook developers have released a version...

  6. SearchDay | Buzz Monitoring = Brand Development

    Google's Friend Connect is also a player in this space. is now competing with Facebook Connect. AOL's Platform-A Launches in Canada Posted by Nathania Johnson Mar 6, 2009 AOL's advertising arm, Platform-A has extended its offerings to Canada.

  7. Dear Google: Facebook Is Just Not That Into You

    Just as we've been forced to do for other applications that redistribute data in a way users might not expect or understand, we've had to suspend Friend Connect's access to Facebook user information until it comes into compliance.