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Facebook News Feed

  1. Facebook Update Targets News Feed Spam: Posts 'Explicitly' Asking for Likes, Comments, Shares

    The company is also looking at reducing the amount of recirculated content that's visible on the News Feed. Now, if a business or website asks for likes, shares, or comments, it will be much less likely that Facebook will show the post in users...

  2. Facebook News Feed Now Shows Content From Pages That Tag Pages You Follow

    Facebook says that is working to ensure that only the most relevant stories appear in news feed from these related pages. If you follow or like a Page on Facebook, and another Page tags that page on Facebook within their own post, there's a higher...

  3. Facebook News Feed Algorithm Change Reduces Visibility of Page Updates

    Facebook has announced some changes to how people see updates from individuals and pages in the news feed. Facebook is continually running tests on the news feed that users see when they log into Facebook in order to discover ways that encourages...

  4. Twitter Speak From @ to Z – Terms & Definitions

    You could technically get away with using "dashboard" and "feed" interchangeably, but they are slightly different. Feed F: Fail Whale, Favorite, Feed, Follow, Followers, Your feed is all of the tweets that you see on your dashboard.