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  1. Search and Social Marketing Olympians Compete for ROI Gold at SES London

    As the inspiration of the movie "The Social Network", Mark Zuckerberg proves the premise of the movie in the real world by rolling Facebook into Wall Street. Representing the SES Global Advisory Board in the UK, Director, Account Management Yahoo!

  2. Google+ Blogger Integration, Circles in SERPs & Larry Page Steals Zuckerberg's Thunder

    Google CEO Larry Page has finally surpassed Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as the most often Circled person at Google+. Larry Page Steals Mark Zuckerberg’s Google+ Crown Zuckerberg has over 8.8 million subscribers; the Larry Page-page has under 5,000...

  3. Eggs and Baskets: How Second Life's Facebook Marketing Has Backfired

    Facebook's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, has been open and staunch about his views on personal privacy. What Zuckerberg really has done is create the world's largest storehouse of marketing data that has ever existed, because Facebook tracks EVERYTHING.

  4. News Picks: Starbucks Big On Facebook, EarlyBird & Disney, Facebook Ownership Lawsuit

    This is also about an alleged deal involving Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Speaking of promotions, Twitter has announced that Walt Disney Studios is the first company/brand to offer discounts on its fresh @earlybird account launched just last week.

  5. The Fuss Over Facebook: Hype or Cause for Concern?

    As the company's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, explains, this change simply clarifies the point that actions on Facebook can create two copies of content. Some Facebook users are in an uproar after the site changed its terms of service to say that it...