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  1. 17 Keys to Success in Social PPC

    Facebook Keys to Success Much has been said about Facebook custom audiences. They're a powerful way to reach specific users on Facebook. Similar to LinkedIn, Facebook offers both right-rail and sponsored post ads.

  2. Twitter Cards: A Quick Start Guide

    Twitter and Facebook are the undisputed leaders in the social space and should be the first place to look for opportunities. Everyone should know by now, the importance of creating multiple streams of internet traffic to ensure ongoing success.

  3. 10 Social Media PR Lessons From #OITNB

    In a recent TekGroup social media news survey; 37 percent of respondents confessed they are hooked on social media about 1 to 2 hours a day and are using tools habitually with almost 90 percent saying they use Twitter, Facebook, and blogs on a...

  4. 6 Tips for Writing Successful LinkedIn Articles

    LinkedIn sends nearly four times more people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook, according to a report on Buffer App. Back in February, publishing articles on LinkedIn was the hot topic. LinkedIn had finally opened up their publishing...

  5. Listing Management: The Required Foundation for Local SEO

    Even Facebook got in on the local search action, launching Graph Search. Many new developments emerged to impact local SEO in the first half of 2014 alone, many courtesy of Google. Google began supporting new schema for multiple business phone...

  6. Marin Adds Google Shopping Campaign Management

    Through our platform, retailers can use their Google Shopping campaigns data to build out audience segments and retarget consumers across the web, including Facebook," said Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer at Marin Software.

  7. Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong

    Now your customers pick up their phone and tweet at your account, or they post something to your Facebook page. Social media has progressed from the infancy stage, with most companies recognizing that they need to have a social strategy in order to...