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  1. New Facebook Test: Popular Pages In Your Area

    Facebook is testing a new feature called "Popular Pages in Your Area". The new section is located to the right of the News Feed beneath the Trending feature, which displays news results that Facebook's algorithms believe users will be interested in.

  2. SEO, Your Website & You: 5 Myths & 10 Tips

    There is a negative history with Facebook and Google and Google and Twitter. Client: So I heard Google's Matt Cutts said links are [dead/bad/over], so I stopped all my link building, fired my SEO agency, and wanted to ask you what we should do next.

  3. The Art of SEO Direction

    Even understanding what time of day most of your demographic is browsing Facebook can improve your odds of achieving your maximum reach. I usually find myself working on them at home, or at a softball game or in other random situations, like tonight.

  4. 15 Ways to Avoid Reputation Roadkill @ClickZ Live #czlny

    It created a huge uproar from animal lovers who complained on their Facebook page and offended their own customers. After finding out Beal had found them through Facebook, the manager gave him a maple syrup latte, and the entire experience has kept...

  5. How to Edit Post Copy on Instagram

    It's even more frustrating if you're a brand on Instagram because, unlike Facebook, there's no built-in text editing function on Instagram. Have you ever made a spelling mistake or grammatical error on a social media post?

  6. The Complete Social Media Spring Cleaning Checklist

    Here are just a few examples of sizes recommended by social networks: x 315 pixels (px) for Facebook cover photos, x 626 px upload for Twitter header photos, x 1,440 px for YouTube Channel art. On Facebook, consider liking other relevant pages (ie...