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  1. Why You Need to Own Your Data & Digital Assets

    Even if you decide to make the transition from a privately developed website or platform, the likelihood that you will be able to export content, databases, and related assets into a format that can be simply plugged into an open-source platform...

  2. How Can Good PPC Managers Become Great PPC Managers?

    And, if you've got an account with thousands of keywords, you need to be able to export the data and look at it in a more manageable way. And it got me thinking – what are the differences between good PPC managers and great PPC managers?

  3. 16 Secret Google Analytics Advanced Segments Worth Their Weight in Gold

    Export data using these segments and compare to Neilsen's demographic stats to look beyond raw numbers and into market share for each of the four quartiles. Export report to Excel. If web analytics is like gold mining, then a Google Analytics...

  4. Hit By Panda and Confused About Low-Quality Content? Run This Google Analytics Report Now

    I have created a step-by-step tutorial for creating the report in Google Analytics, which explains how to export it to Excel, and then how to polish off the report with some Excel magic. Similar to what we did earlier with the top landing pages...

  5. Majestic SEO Adds Live Rank Factors & New Link Prospecting to Search Explorer Alpha

    Users can create a "Bucket List" of sites, then export the data or run a search against only those URLs. Majestic SEO, home to the largest open link map in the world, has just released an update to their Search Explorer Alpha tool (now version 0.3).