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  1. How to Use QR Codes for Better Conversion Rates

    Not accounting for these handsets is like redesigning a website and forgetting about Internet Explorer. From building loyalty and generating sales to capturing customer feedback and boosting local SEO, check out the ways 2D barcodes like QR code...

  2. Are all Results on Search Engines Equal? A Surprising Journey Within the SERPs [Best of SEW 2010 #7”

    Four browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome) Paid search has become the winning business model for startups and established companies, and 2010 is seeing the emergence of new bidding-based ad platforms that are quick to integrate...

  3. Bing Search in IE9; Skyhook Sues Google; Latest comScore Search/Mobile Stats & More Search News

    Bing Maps & Internet Explorer 9 (Beta) - Bing Maps Blog Bing Is Battling Google Hard Over Local Advertisers - Business Insider Boston-area startup Skyhook Wireless is suing Google for interfering with its business and patent infringement, claiming...

  4. Content is King...IF You Promote It

    According to Yahoo Site Explorer, there are more than 1,800 links to the article. It's showing in the top 10 Google search results for "Twitter local business. While Twitter isn't a Google killer, it's time to give it some credit.