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  1. Google Shopping: Product Listing Ad & Feed Optimization Tips & Best Practices [Videos]

    Give Thorough Explanations The next thing is to send really thorough emails, or, if you're on the phone, give really thorough explanations. Is There Any Reason Not to List on Google Shopping? Listing on Google Shopping can be daunting for many...

  2. Success Through Testing: Don’t Forget the Scientific Method

    Hypotheses are suggested explanations of a phenomenon or a reason assumption suggesting possible correlation. You remember middle school right? That time of awkward adolescence when we tried on multiple personalities to see which one really fit?

  3. Gifting Online & Offline: Shopping and Behavioral Search

    The economic environment, the rise of deals sites like Groupon s still-rising sophistication in ecommerce environments – these are all perfectly good explanations for this trend. Still relying on Google Insights data and some statistical analysis...

  4. Healthline & GE Launch 3D Human Body Visual Search Engine

    However, what it lacks in a smooth navigation experience it makes up for with richer, more detailed graphics which are clearly labelled with short and long explanations. This new tool is similar to Google's Body, but whereas the latter is more of a...