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  1. SEW Experts: The Best of Outsourced: 10 Greatest Hits

    In today's SEM agency issues column, "The Best of Outsourced: 10 Greatest Hits," William Flaiz bids farewell to Search Engine Watch by revisiting some of the hottest topics in search marketing agencies from the past 18 months.

  2. SEW Experts: Is Your Landing Page Relevant?

    William Flaiz explains that Web sites must rise to the occasion and create landing pages that rank for important keywords while engaging the reader. Your landing page is the first impression by which search engines and users alike will judge your...

  3. SEW Experts: Are Rankings Still Relevant?

    William Flaiz wonders if search marketers have been relying on rankings as a crutch, when we should have been looking at the bottom lines. Are we heading toward an age where site ranking doesn't matter?

  4. SEW Experts: Search Shifts and Predictions for 2009

    In today's SEM agency issues column, "Search Shifts and Predictions for 2009," William Flaiz predicts what another year will hold for Google, the Web and SEO. Time to ring in the New Year with a few search marketing predictions for 2009.

  5. SEW Experts: Revisiting My 2008 Search Predictions

    In today's Outsourced column, "Revisiting My 2008 Search Predictions ," William Flaiz looks back to see whether he truly had his finger on the pulse of what's trending in SEO. It's that time of year to look back and see what predictions came true...

  6. SEW Experts: Universal Search Should Be a Plus

    In today's SEM agency issues column, "Universal Search Should Be a Plus," William Flaiz reminds us that as new listing types begin appearing in results, we often lose sight of whether these listings are really helpful to the user.

  7. Why Retailers Should Be Day Trippers to SES Chicago

    Moderator: William Flaiz, VP, Search Engine Optimization & Web Analytics, Razorfish Established leaders and experts in vertical search application and execution will discuss the state of the industry, positive and negative experiences, and best...

  8. SEW Experts: The Organic and Paid Balancing Act

    In today's SEM agency issues column, "The Organic and Paid Balancing Act," William Flaiz explains that by making sure your site stays above the fold in these two outlets, you can maximize your controllable visibility.

  9. SEW Experts: Search is Not Enough

    In today's SEM agency issues column, "Search is Not Enough," William Flaiz advises us to examine the entire marketing funnel, not just the search component, to maximize our marketing dollars. Marketing has grown fairly sophisticated over the...

  10. SEW Experts: Would You Endorse this Web Site?

    William Flaiz shows that the right connections can provide the bump you need, and the wrong connections can prove calamitous. Think of link building as running for president of your SERPs. The candidate is your Web site, and you need all the...

  11. SEW Experts: There's No Secret Recipe to SEO

    In today's SEM agency issues column, "There's No Secret Recipe to SEO," William Flaiz shares some tips for guiding you down the path to SEO success. Some marketers are looking for a secret, step-by-step recipe to SEO success.

  12. SEW Experts: The Evolution of SEO

    In today's SEM agency issues column, "The Evolution of SEO," William Flaiz outlines the continuing growth of search marketing. We've seen a natural progression from back rooms to boardrooms -- from the basement to the mainstream.

  13. The Holy Grail of SEO

    We've worked with some big name brands that are great experts in their field, but don't appear in organic rankings. If you work in SEO, you know it instinctively: "How much additional traffic can I expect from your work?

  14. SEW Experts: Step into the Ring for a SEM Pitch

    In today's SEM Agency Issues column, "Step into the Ring for a SEM Pitch," William Flaiz takes you inside the pitching process, where it takes a shrewd intellect and steady hand to deliver the knockout pitch that makes the client wonder how they...