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  1. No Yahoo Re-org This Week; 'Creepy' Google; Google Buys BlindType & More [Search News Roundup]

    With this exodus of talent, criticism is mounting from advertisers confused about Yahoo's strategy. Yahoo, which has been bleeding executives lately, won't announce a new organizational structure this week, and has lost two more execs, All Things...

  2. SearchDay | Are You Giving Away Free SEO Advice?

    Mass Exodus From Silicon Valley Reflecting Increase in Telecommunting? There has been a major exodus from the area, both due to a decrease in jobs and the increased employment of telecommunting. Are You Giving Away Free SEO Advice?

  3. Yahoo's New Era

    Late in the year, speculation arose as to whether Yahoo would begin selling pieces of the business off as news of layoffs and a talent exodus continued to emerge. Last year gave us non-stop entertainment and drama surrounding Yahoo's possible...

  4. Yahoo's Next Move

    Following a plummeting stock price, the leadership team exodus became inevitable. As is often the case when the original management team exercises its stock options and exits, the void left by this exodus is never really filled.

  5. Moore and Warms Out, Dossett In at Yahoo

    Moore and Warms join the mass exodus of senior level employees leaving Yahoo in the aftermath of a failed acquisition by Microsoft and in the midst of poor earnings, layoffs and a plummeting stock price.

  6. Former Yahoo, Tacoda Exec Heads to interCLICK

    Lynn joins an exodus of Yahoo execs as of late. Jason Lynn, Director of Solutions Engineering for Yahoo/Right Media is exiting the Sunnyvale search engine to become Executive Vice President of Product Management at online advertising network...