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Executive Branch

  1. The changing face of UK retail structured products

    Santander also stopped issuing around the same time, making hundreds of branch-based advisers redundant. Marc Chamberlain, executive director at Morgan Stanley in London, is less concerned than Dale, but nonetheless believes that more proprietary...

  2. Are the CFTC, SEC and Fed equipped for their new powers?

    In the CFTC’s case, where Congress will continue to hold the purse-strings, it is thought to be highly unlikely that the legislative branch would insist on a 5% decrease in appropriations in the same fiscal year the agency undergoes massive...

  3. Clear and present danger

    Have you any knowledge of a CRO who comes from the operational risk branch of risk management? Andrew Haldane, executive director for financial stability at the Bank of England, wrote an interesting paper entitled, Why banks failed the stress test...

  4. Axis of AML

    Regulations such as 3AMLD and the long arm of US enforcement are necessitating harmonisation in the cross-border operations of large banks, lest a branch in one far-flung jurisdiction cause problems for the head office in London or New York.

  5. Traitors in our midst

    In the same way that many operational risk managers have for years preached about the value of turning every branch manager, cashier and clerk across the business into an op risk manager, so these employees will provide extra sets of eyes and ears...

  6. Search Engine Industry has its own Version of March Madness

    And this event is actively supported by Taskforce Search the Dutch branch of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The leading search and Internet marketing gurus will gather for three exciting days of cutting-edge multi-track sessions at...

  7. SEC incompetence and secrecy over Madoff enrages Congress

    The chairman promised to ascertain the exact legal rights of the US Congress to force federal regulators to testify before legislators, or whether they are able to exempt themselves from testimony under privilege extended to the executive branch...

  8. On the move

    Nick Johnson has left his role as Seoul-based branch manager of SG Securities, Societe Generale's South Korean branch, to become Europe head of the bank's new security and anti-fraud (Safe) department in Paris.

  9. Islamic inroads

    K Salman Younis, managing director of Kuwait Finance House's Malaysian branch in Kuala Lumpur, says hedging used to have a preconception in the Islamic world as being synonymous with short-selling, which had given rise to the assumption that...

  10. Changing Hats

    Before that he spent 20 years at HSBC in London and at the London branch of Dutch bank ING. Prior to her appointment to lead the SEC, Shapiro was chairwoman and chief executive officer of the self-regulating securities body the Financial Industry...

  11. The New York Public Library and Announce New Homework Service

    Services that aren't used tend to go brings together a wide range of information in one easy-to-use site," said Susan Kent, Director and Chief Executive of The Branch Libraries, The New York Public Library.