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  1. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    Furthermore, with just a few exceptions, the only thing that has changed about SEO in my opinion is that search engines are getting better at enforcing their own rules. Every year I hear a new chorus of folks claiming that SEO is dead or that SEO...

  2. Effective Storytelling for Brands: How to Drive Discovery & Engagement

    Time shifting of media consumption is now mainstream with a few notable exceptions, namely live events. At the dawn of Web 2.0 a couple of years after the collapse of the Internet bubble, a new type of business emerged that enabled real people to...

  3. Google Algorithm Tweak Tries to Squash Mug Shot Websites

    When a New York Times journalist approached Google asking it about its mug shot search results, a Google spokesperson simply said Google was empathetic to those who had to deal with their mug shots being found online, but that "with very narrow...

  4. 12 Questions to Separate Social Media Experts From Pretenders

    While there are always exceptions to the rules, those who didn't major in English, journalism, marketing, or PR, or haven't worked extensively in those fields, may not be able to communicate and engage at the level needed to represent your company.