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  1. Searcher Personas: A Case for User-Centric SEO

    Today's SEO is about the user and the way people explore using search queries. When we're building a persona, we will use data (like keyword search volumes, market research, user polls, web analytics, find those collective qualities that are...

  2. Insights From 7th Graders About Google, Smartphones, Panda, Privacy & Paid Search

    For example, here are a few of the questions I asked the class, along with their answers: I was inspired to not give up my dream of becoming a famous YouTube star. Being so heavily involved with SEO and SEM, I’m always interested in learning how...

  3. New Google Universal SERPs Layout Brings Apps to Forefront

    It's mostly people re-iterating their dislike of the black bar and/or cries of users wanting their "vertical space" back. For the record, I would like to say that in our own tests on SEW of having two using navigation bars (that had different...

  4. Google Adding Explanations to Knowledge Graph

    We’re starting by showing major co-starring roles between actors, movies, and TV shows as well as highlighting family connections amongst famous people in the Knowledge Graph,” Google engineer Golan Pundak explained on the Inside Search Blog.