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  1. SES San Francisco Keynote: Google's Matt Cutts & Patrick Thomas on Search Engine Censorship

    Is it a woman giving a self-breast exam? Designing a search engine is no easy task. Should a search engine filter content such as violent images, pornography, malware, spam, personally identifiable information, hate content, hacking instructions...

  2. 17 Tips for Tip-Based Content – How to Research, Scale & Promote

    Even if subject matter expertise in a vertical requires the understanding of principles, or even an advanced college degree, years in the field, passing a bar exam, etc.the absence of tips means that a smart content marketer can begin the work of...

  3. Google's New Latin Translation Tool: I Came, I Saw, I Mangled

    Being but a few speak Latin daily, year by year more than a hundred thousand American students receive the National Latin Exam. Google added a Latin-to-English translation tool today. Not great quality, but it makes for some unintentionally funny...

  4. Will Google Adwords Professionals Search Force Agencies To Get Certified?

    Update your skills - take the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam ( Google has launched a beta search platform for those certified by the company as professionals who can help manage Adwords campaigns.