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Evil Google Ceo Eric

  1. Anti Retargeting Campaign Strikes At Google In Times Square

    The clip below shows Google CEO Eric Schmidt gathering information from children as they attempt to buy ice cream from his Google truck. This avatar-style animation video was created to draw attention to Google CEO Eric Schmidt's lack of regard for...

  2. Build a Better Cesspool

    The Financial Times reported last week that as the government investigated Google CEO Eric Schmidt's simultaneous roles in Apple and Google, Schmidt acknowledged a new phase of scrutiny of Google's dominance.

  3. Brin Suggests Google Might Reverse Chinese Censorship In The Short Term; Meanwhile, China Ramps Up Blocks

    CEO Eric Schmidt said that Google had created an evil scale" to determine just how much a compromise of the company's "Don't Be Postscript: more 'Google Speak' at ZDNet from Donna Bogatin notes that only last week, Google CEO Eric...