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Event Ses Conference London 2009

  1. Jeffrey Hayzlett To Keynote at SES London 2011 in Cowboy Boots

    will be the keynote speaker at SES London 2011, the leading search and social marketing conference in Europe. And you don't need to be a search engine marketing expert or social media guru to know ahead of time that he will be wearing cowboy boots...

  2. Public relations industry should go to Search Engine Strategies

    Going to SES London or SES New York for the Nth time? I'm the instructor for this half-day training workshop on the Friday after the event. If you work in the public relations industry, you should beat a path to the Search Engine Strategies...

  3. Going to Search Engine Strategies for the first time?

    Whether you attend SES London 2010 or SES New York 2010, here are 10 tips for getting the most out of the event: So, study the conference agendia for SES London or the conference agenda for SES New York and prepare your plan of attack.

  4. Bill Hunt of Back Azimuth Consulting to Keynote at SES Berlin

    I interviewed Bill at SES London 2009, when he was the CEO of CEO, Global Strategies Inc. Bill Hunt, Global Strategies Int.on collaborative marketing at SES London 2009 This morning, Incisive Media and BBP announced that Bill Hunt, President of...