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  1. FTC Workshop 'Blurred Lines: Advertising or Content?' to Examine Native Ads

    EST, with registration oopen one hour prior. Publishers and advertisers have purposefully deceived consumers for decades with ads meant to look, act and feel like editorial. The practice has blossomed online in the form of native advertising, but...

  2. Guerrilla Marketing for a Job at Google: The Resume Your Resume Could Look Like

    EST, that had increased again tenfold to over 45,000 views. We’ve seen people appeal publicly for employment with the search giant before, but none achieved the same viral success as the (sometimes) mustachioed Atlanta resident.

  3. Has Same-Sex Marriage Controversy Caused Google To Retreat From Open Gay Support?

    Google Response added: June 24th 2pm EST During Gay Pride celebrations last year Google was very visible in its support, with banner-carrying employees attending various events throughout the world including Chicago, San Francisco, Dublin, and...