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  1. Divining the Future of Search

    The March issue of California Magazine (the alumni magazine of UC Berkeley) features a number of essays on the future of search. Articles include "Is Cyberspace Still Anti-Sovereign" by John Perry Barlow, "Mitch Kapor Loves Wikipedia," "Can We Know...

  2. Web of Deception: Misinformation on the Internet

    The book is a collection of essays from leading authorities who discuss both the social and technical reasons why inaccurate information exists on the Internet. A new book offers an eye-opening expose of the varied types of chicanery, fraud and...

  3. Do your page descriptions seem funny at AltaVista? That'sbecause the search engine has changed how it creates its page summaries.

    This page provides various forms of information about Robert Heinlein and his writings, essays, book reviews, sound files, classifieds, FAQ, Heinlein book covers and much more. Do your page descriptions seem funny at AltaVista?