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  1. Clara Schumann Google Doodle Celebrates German Pianist & Composer

    Their first meeting took place when she performed in the home of Dr Ernst Carus, the director Colditz Castle mental hospital. As Steven Isserlis describes the relationship, “The marriage was hardly the idyll for which the young lovers had been hoping.

  2. Mobile Search in BRIC: Tips and Tricks

    Meanwhile, this report by Ernst & Young suggests that mobile subscribers in BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) have surpassed users of broadband, Internet and television combined. For international mobile search, it goes without...

  3. Sub-custody and counterparty risk in the spotlight

    Self-custodied assets have high inherent risk and raise possible red flags,” he says.Custody risk is part of a fund’s credit risk and more disclosures are now being provided in the financial statements, notes Hanson.The past notion that placing...

  4. Increased responsibility of auditors expected in future

    Julian Young at Ernst The markets lost confidence and auditors have a vital role in restoring it,” he declares. The demands for independent assurance over the investment process, administration, treasury and risk management functions will increase...

  5. Regulation adds level of complexity

    An already complex industry is about to become even more complicated as concerns over possible systemic risks to the international financial system posed by the industry are addressed by new rules targeting the use of leverage and trying to...

  6. Need for audit seen as essential

    Generally, an audit improves transparency via increased disclosure,” says Hanson, adding that the choice is often determined by the management or required by regulators, by law or through constitutional documents forming the fund.Julian Young at...

  7. Reputation and independence key to auditor selection

    Funds should also consider service issues such as the timing of audit, the involvement and accessibility of senior staff and fees as well as other matters, concludes Hanson.We find that investors are demanding that funds appoint auditors...

  8. Determining fair value comes under attack

    This supplements existing guidance and includes a number of IASB and Financial Accounting Standards Board pronouncements as well as recent guidance aimed at harmonising and defining best practice for hedge fund managers issued by the Alternative...

  9. Be prepared

    Clearly there is some momentum around consumer protection," says Don Vangel, a principal in the financial services office of Ernst & Young in New York. But what is certain is that change in whatever form is coming, and firms need to be prepared for...

  10. Tamalpais Global Partners Master Fund: Tamalpais Asset Management

    Auditor: Ernst & Young Tamalpais Asset Management (TAM) is having a good year. Its flagship Tamalpais Global Partners Fund is up over 30% year to date. This is attracting considerable interest from institutional investors.

  11. Martin Currie Absolute Return Fund - Japan Fund: Martin Currie Investment Management

    Auditor: Ernst & Young Disappointment seems to be the word most used when describing Japan. Numerous promises of economic change ended with little or nothing changed. Now, however, there is an air of optimism and a solid conviction that this time...

  12. Profile: Conrad Hewitt

    Managing partner, Ernst & Ernst (later Ernst & Young) Now, as the Securities and Exchange Commission's chief accountant, Conrad Hewitt, prepares to step down this month, the spotlight has returned. As US banks report ever-growing mark-to-market...

  13. Insurers show mixed reaction towards ERM

    Meanwhile, a roundtable of senior insurance executives has studied the preliminary findings from the 2008 Insurance Risk Leadership Survey conducted by the Insurance Advisory Services (IAS) practice of Ernst & Young.

  14. McCreevy vows fast track to Solvency II implementation

    It was perhaps surprising that McCreevy gave less attention to Solvency II's Pillar 1 requirements on internal capital models," says David Paul, senior manager of insurance and actuarial advisory at consultants Ernst & Young.