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  1. SES Toronto 2009 Kicks Off Today in Canada

    The Express Clinic with Ken Jurina, President and Co-founder, Epiar, will help you get an on the spot audit of your website identifying the good, bad and the ugly. The largest search engine marketing conference and expo in Canada kicks off today at...

  2. Q&A with Ken Jurina, President and CEO of Epiar

    And Epiar and Yahoo! To give attendees a sneak preview of some of the trends in search engine marketing that will be discussed at the event, we've interviewed Ken Jurina, the President and CEO of Epiar.

  3. Pricing Models for the Small SEM Shop

    At the San Jose Search Engine Strategies conference, veteran entrepreneurs Ken Jurina, Todd Friesen, Jessie Stricchiola and Greg Boser shared their experiences in a new session called "Pricing and Contracts for the Small SEM Shop.The first speaker...