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Enterprise Incident

  1. Trading with restraint

    It can take years to build a credible reputation and just one rogue trader incident to destroy it. Ramakrishnan, Mantas: Over the past several years, there have been three incidents of the magnitude of the SG incident: Nick Leeson (£850 millon...

  2. The last risk silo

    The group has a process of collating loss and incident information that is used for modelling operation risk capital but it is also closely linked to our disclosures to our corporate insurers. The risk capital should reflect these two items, thus...

  3. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 2)

    Gather evidence near the time of the incident. As an amusing example, read this expose of a business caught sending out numerous phony takedown notices to blogs critical of its business enterprise. This next article covers important tips and...