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English Major

  1. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    This should be obvious – after all, not all English-speaking countries are alike. Overall, 10 major Spanish dialects are spoken in the world. In Spain there are three major forms of Spanish spoken, collectively they are referred to as Peninsular...

  2. 12 Questions to Separate Social Media Experts From Pretenders

    While there are always exceptions to the rules, those who didn't major in English, journalism, marketing, or PR, or haven't worked extensively in those fields, may not be able to communicate and engage at the level needed to represent your company.

  3. The 11 Most Popular Sports Teams in the World in Social Video [Report]

    Chelsea (English Premier League Soccer) Manchester City (English Premier League Soccer) Be On, a division of AOL (Disclaimer: the author's employer), has released a report that analyzed the video reach and engagement of major sports teams across...

  4. Page Quality, Local & Ranking Changes Top List of 65 Latest Google Search Updates

    This launch extended the Knowledge Graph to English-speaking locales beyond the U.S. Knowledge Graph Carousel.project “Knowledge Graph”] This change expanded the Knowledge Graph carousel feature globally in English.project “Knowledge Graph”] This...

  5. Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool Gets New Name, Design, Languages

    Another confusing caveat is that the WMT Help resource has been updated to reflect the new tool name, but it still says it is available in English only, despite the announcement of new languages. The tool is now available in languages other than...

  6. When Machines Start Writing Back: My Problem With DataPop & Automated Content Creation

    Right now they’re only doing this in English, though non-English copywriters should feel the heat of this animal breathing down their neck shortly. Writers have had to strike out on their own – see the influx of bloggers and self-published authors...

  7. Taobao SEO: A Guide to One of the World's Largest Consumer Marketplaces

    Taobao won’t work in English. One of my favorite sites for understanding Taobao and actually doing some quasi-English searches is TaoBao Focus. Taobao uses Alipay, which is their major form of online payments (think PayPal meets an escrow service).