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  1. International Expansion: Break Down Barriers With Google+ Hangouts

    Language is one of the biggest barriers that companies have to face when dealing with international customers/clients. Example: If you're doing business with Japan, you're going to want a translator to help you translate Japanese into English and...

  2. International SEO Gone Wrong: 7 Assumptions Can Ruin Your Program

    Consequently optimization for India is often done in a non-official and non-native language, English. In the U.S.there are tens of millions of non-English speakers who represent a huge potential audience that may be underserved when it comes to...

  3. 5 Reasons Why People Hate International Search Marketing

    When your potential business partner can only speak broken English with an accent via Skype, it might be a little difficult trying to explain how you market stethoscopes online in his country. When an English person asks a non-English person, “how...

  4. Going Global: Localize Your Message for Holiday Retail Traffic

    If initiatives to optimize consumer-facing opportunities are offered in English only, site owners will miss the opportunity to increase revenues and build brand loyalty with the largest segment of the online shopping community – both local and...

  5. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    For a long time now English has served as the lingua franca, or common language, of the Internet. English is still the most commonly used language online but it still represents only just over a quarter of total usage.

  6. Undoing SEO Damage Caused by Global Reputation Management Disasters

    You will want to track all of your English terms as well as your X language terms per country. KFC Malaysia is proof that when you're doing global SEO, reacting quickly to social media disasters is paramount to a successful international SEO job.

  7. Macy’ Demonstrate Ways to #Fail with Your Country Selector

    high-fiving themselves and, within one minute, one guy shouts at the barista that he’d, "take two cups of coffee and one of those donut thingy’s", all in English. You can tell everyone including the barista was a bit annoyed, especially since her...