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  1. U.S. Hotel Industry Could Be Losing $1.9 Billion From Branded Search Terms

    In fact, MarkMonitor found that Online Travel Agents accounted for nearly half of all the advertisers on branded terms and alsmot 80% of ad placements. The leisure travel industry spends $1.8 billion annually in online advertising, with 46 percent...

  2. Search Trademark Hobby Kit

    There could also be travel agents, opaque booking engines, and the occasional competing airline trying to pull in some dollars. Or, instead of forcing search engines to be the brand police, we can simply tighten up controls on match types so a bid...

  3. New Players in Travel Search

    This direct booking option is one point that sets travel search engines apart from online travel agents. Travel search engines, which allow you to book directly with suppliers, have the potential to completely disrupt the status-quo.

  4. What's the Buzz Behind Behavioral Advertising?

    For example, the person who frequents sporting sites might see ads for hockey tickets or golf clubs on a page about the local business economy, while the woman who visits travel sites regularly might see ads for vacation packages or travel agents.

  5. Ask Jeeves: Asking Questions To Give You Answers

    Travel agents? For example, they enter something like "travel" and then expect relevant results. Travel what? Travel guides? Top results from various search engines appear below Ask Jeeves's own information, or if Ask Jeeves has no information...