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  1. The Role of #Hashtags in Social Media and Search

    Below are a few resources to get you started in identifying and using hashtags to expand your reach and visibility online. Promote an Event or Conference This is perhaps one of the greatest tools for event planners to pre-promote an event, promote...

  2. Search Engine Optimization in a Down Economy

    I haven't been able to find much good information on this (please comment below if you can share resources with other readers), but I've seen bid rates for paid search remain somewhat flat (or even increase), while supply is increasing.

  3. Social Media Marketing 101, Part 2

    The only major search marketing conference and expo on the East Coast, SES New York will be packed with more than 70 sessions, plus more than 150 exhibitors, networking events, parties, and training days.

  4. SearchDay | Selling SEO During an Economic Downturn

    So, why would you want to attend the only major Search Marketing Conference and Expo in the Midwest? More from the Mailbag: Quality Score Mysteries and Great PPC Learning Resources PROFITABLE PPC David digs into the reader mailbag to discuss...

  5. SearchDay | I Love Crazy Link Ideas

    Letâ””s talk about the top trends spotted at last weekâ””s search engine and Internet marketing conference and expo . More from the Mailbag: Quality Score Mysteries and Great PPC Learning Resources PROFITABLE PPC David digs into the reader mailbag...

  6. CEO Tells Wall St. Why He Invests in SEO

    How important is it for companies to spend time and resources on search engine optimization? Wall St.analysts, though, are no longer impressed solely by a CEO dropping SEO into a conference call. Evans replied, "Well, one of the things that we have...

  7. Search and the Law: Attorney Clarke Douglas Walton

    I caught up with him after the conference to discuss copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property (IP) issues that affect search marketers today, along with predictions on future legal issues.

  8. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 1

    A special report from the Search Engine Strategies Latino conference, June 18-19, 2007, in Miami, Florida. In this final two-part article, we discuss ways to implement those strategies as recommended by established search marketing professionals in...

  9. SES Latino -- Interview with Conference Chair Nacho Hernandez

    This is why for many of the search engines, they have started to open up offices and add human resources for these markets. Link Building Styles : Presell Pages, Articles, Resources & Press Releases, Search Engine Journal