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  1. 12 Ways to Optimize Press Releases & Avoid Google Penalties

    Embed video and multimedia. The press release lifeline streams through the veins of search engines and flows into social media. It's true: the world's largest search engine called links in press releases "unnatural" and is mandating nofollowing them.

  2. How to Make Video a Successful Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Incorporating multimedia elements into your content has an immediate enriching effect on the quality of your website. If you want your video and page to rank as well as possible, search engines need to be able to determine what your content is about.

  3. Advanced Search Operator Tactics

    The contains: operator returns pages that link to other documents and multimedia like music, video, PDF, and so on. Pro Tip: Combine Site: with inurl: or allinurl: [may not work in all search engines] to analyze specific sections of a site.

  4. 4 SEO Recommendations for More Effective B2B Website Industry Sections

    Videos, webinars, and multimedia assets Determining optimal keyword strategies for gaining visibility and offering both visitors and search engines access to important, relevant web content, should ultimately bring more leads and conversion...

  5. AdGooroo and Experian Hitwise Report‏ on Paid Search Secrets of Top CPG Marketers

    Brand marketers that want to own conversations on the search engines are thinking about paid search, natural search, multimedia content and other concerns, and in paid search, advertisers absolutely need to consider both pre-click and post click...