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  1. 360i Agency Says New Technology Reverse Engineers AdWords Quality Score

    Digital marketing agency 360i announced this week technology dubbed the "Digital Nervous System" (DNS) for search marketing that aims to reverse engineer the Google AdWords quality score to "automatically make recommendations that increase...

  2. Blog SEO Quiz – Test Your Blog Optimization Knowledge

    I have conducted usability tests with different branches of engineers (chemical, mechanical, electrical, systems, etc. Participating in Google+ doesn't automatically mean a blog author is a subject authority.

  3. Matt Cutts: Facebook, Twitter Social Signals Not Part of Google Search Ranking Algorithms

    And so the idea of doing a lot of special engineering work to try to extract some data from web pages when we might get blocked from being able to crawl those web pages in the future, is something where the engineers would to be a little bit leery...

  4. Google Blocks Child Abuse Images on 100,000 Search Terms

    Further, Schmidt said Google would send engineers to the UK's Internet Watch Foundation and the U.S. YouTube engineers have also been working on the problem, according to Schmidt, developing algorithms that can detect child abuse in videos.

  5. Writing Content for Users vs. Search Engines: Is There Still a Difference?

    In fact, there are even some search engineers that still argue that semantic search is a long-term goal. And of course, Google spokespeople repeatedly voiced terms like quality and naturalin an effort to break us of the habit of wooing their...

  6. Facebook on Graph Search Posts Index: 700 TB of Data & 100+ Ranking Factors

    New features often demand changes to data schemas, and our culture aims to make these changes easy for engineers. The majority of the work--infrastructure, ranking, and product--has been accomplished in the past year by a few dozen engineers on the...