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  1. How to Detect and Deal With Toxic Content (That Could Poison Your Entire Site)

    Any of these factors could lead to poor user engagement signals (short dwell time, high bounce, etc.which in a nutshell is at the core of Panda. In fact, Google continues to dial up the importance of quality content and user engagement signals and...

  2. Google Search Quality Guidelines Now Reward Expertise, Authority, Trust

    When weighing expertise and reputation together, the handbook gives guidelines that clarify where less formal expertise is required for the topic (such as recipes or humor), and says, "popularity, user engagement, and user reviews can be...

  3. Mobile Advertising Measurement: Winning the Long Game

    The goal of long-term campaigns is to make an impact in one of three primary areas: user acquisition, re-engagement, and brand awareness. Re-engagement is great for apps that typically result in specific in-app events occurring infrequently.

  4. Forget Big Content – Small Content Is Critical to Search Success

    The better engagement each piece gets, the closer you are to strategy perfection! And given that user behaviors are also changing with regard to how we use search engines generally, it results in much larger search volumes for longer tail terms.

  5. More Panda 4.0 Findings: Syndication, User Engagement, Indexation & Keyword Hoarding

    Let's shift gears for a minute and talk about user engagement and Panda. If you have read my posts about Panda over the years, then you know that user engagement matters. Well, once again I saw poor user engagement (and bad user experience) get...

  6. How to Avoid Mobile Ranking Pitfalls by Assessing Mobile Engagement

    Mobile-friendly sites mean more mobile-friendly search listings to choose from and Google has made it clear that understanding mobile user engagement is key in contributing to SEO success. In an example provided by Google, they look at bounce rate...