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  1. Could Bing Ever Overtake Google in Search?

    Everyone speculated that there would be three major search engines left, out of AOL, Yahoo, MSN (at the time), Lycos, AltaVista, HotBot, Excite, and Google. So, rather than trying to understand what users mean and predicting it, Bing actually knows...

  2. Click Fraud 101

    Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN are actively looking at ways to detect and deter click fraud. Most often, click fraud is the result of high tech bots or scripts that run in the background and click on ads without a user's knowledge.

  3. SearchDay | Yahoo's Next Move

    Does Google treat these differently than Yahoo, MSN or others? Placecast will use its proprietary targeting algorithms to generate ads based on the real estate locations in which a user expresses interest.

  4. Hosting Issues and SEO

    MSN Live has indexed 301 redirects as blank pages, and examples of 302 hijacking seem to make a comeback every now and then. MSN is hit or miss, depending on what they're doing in any given month. Every time a user or search engine spider visits a...

  5. Google vs. Yahoo on Paid Links

    Yahoo and MSN have been much quieter on the topic. As I read the comments by Garg, it seems that they focus more on the end user value of a link, whether it's paid or not. To read between the lines a little bit, end user value is most likely being...

  6. SearchDay: Don't Hire a Butcher to do a Baker's Job

    Search RankingsPosted by Nathania JohnsonGoogle saw an estimated 5.1 billion searches, while Yahoo saw 1.4 billion and MSN saw nearly 800 million. Or is the voice and opinion of the end user now being heard much more clearly?

  7. Highlights from the SEW Blog: February 25-29, 2008

    Google Yahoo MSN Live Sitemaps: Cross-Hosting Grokked by SEOs for SEOsWith sitemaps cross-hosting (or cross-submission), Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft cracked open the door for corporations to outsource search engine optimization.