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End User Search Engine Penalties

  1. How to Build Your First Content Marketing Strategy

    Many sites have also incurred manual penalties that have either caused them to rank much lower in search engine results pages, or become de-indexed completely. You own a graphic design business and the last two articles you've written are highly...

  2. Common Problems with 404 Error Pages

    Incorrectly configured Web-servers that respond with a status header value of "200" (or any other erroneous value) are exposed to significant risk with respect to search engines' "duplicate content penalties.

  3. Trademark Law - What Search Marketers Should Know, Part 1

    Without knowing how to properly use those trademarks for marketing purposes, SEMs and their clients could be subject to penalties, by both by the search engines and the courts. Plus we're always trying to keep in mind relevance for the end user.

  4. Web 2.0 Technologies and Search Visibility

    Avoiding Search Engine Penalties or Getting Out From Under Them, Search Engine Guide Because it is more about a specific user experience, sites that qualify to be classed as Web 2.0 properties typically are not at a disadvantage when it comes to...