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End User License Agreement

  1. Google Buzz Settles Privacy Case With FTC As Plus1 Launches

    The order says this disclosure has to be done in addition to any written privacy policy, end user license agreement, or "terms of use" page. That means sticking information in front of user's face telling him or her what information will be shared...

  2. Reinstalling My PC, Part 2: Secure Your PC, For Free!

    Firstly, read the End User License Agreement (EULA) on every new software program you install. That comes out to 1,000 spam messages per day for an average user. For it to be tolerable to the user, it needs to run lightly in the background, and it...

  3. Google IPO To Happen, Files For Public Offering

    However, the filing reveals that Google has been granted a perpetual license and that in October 2003, it extended an agreement giving it exclusivity to PageRank through 2011. This could result in a decline in user traffic, which would damage our...